June 25, 2014

Illustration Friday: Summer

I'm finally on to the Illustration Friday projects.
This week's theme is Summer.

I began my usual brainstorm with some keywords: sea, watermelon, ice cream, fruit cocktails, berries, sand, beach, slippers. After that I did a quick sketch of every keyword, laying the basic composition.

At this point my task was to draw anything, anything at all, just to start the engines running. So this is the outcome. It didn't take me a lot to finish it, but I did spent some time doing the watermelon. I couldn't reach the full redness of it with just a red pencil so I added some orange and some brown to it. It made the red look way redder.

Obviously, there are some things that are wrong here... The watermelon black stripe shouldn't be black but a darker or lighter green. And not as straight as I did it. Also the seeds should be darker. The shadow of the slippers should be on the other side and the watermelon shadow should be darker. The handle of the umbrella seems to not be a part of the umbrella itself; the top of it adds to this effect. The umbrella itself is very problematic: it is unclear if this is the shading umbrella or a cocktail one. Slippers seem to be different in size. And the sun could be less lime but more orange...