November 05, 2014

"Anyone can draw" - an art program by Mila Naumova.

In my search for online art programs I found a site by Mila Naumova , a Russian artist, art instructor and author. The site's name is "Anyone can draw", suggesting that everybody can draw if they follow the instructions.

The idea is simple: you register on the site, leave your e-mail and start receiving daily letters with art tasks. One should complete the task before he/she receives the next one. I believe that one of the ideas is to develop a daily habit of drawing.

Mila also sends a book that she wrote about the process of becoming an artist. About the importance of enjoying your way and perfecting yourself. About the importance of finding the right program that teaches you how to see and analyze the subject you draw and not only how to follow your teachers and copy their style.

So lately I actually joined this program and started receiving emails and doing tasks.
I will publish them here as usual.

Wish me luck.