November 02, 2014

Drawing in 4 steps - conclusions

 I'm done with the book!!!

I did most of it leaving only the section that deals with human drawing. Just like I did while doing the Drawspace program previously. I guess I'm not there yet.

The nice thing is that I completed it pretty fast without breaking the tight schedule I set up for this blog. And even thought I posted every 3 days, I worked on my drawing every single day for at least an hour, sometimes even more. Which means that I really enjoyed this process.

I sketched many things for the first time on my life, like tanks, elephants, closets and oak trees. I learned a little bit about working with color. I've learned that leaning my drawing hand on a pinkie allows me to create a longer line. I've learned that drawing with a pen is really nice and I want to continue doing that.

One of my conclusion was to draw as much as possible of the subjects suggested in the book. I did that with flowers in 2012. I won't dedicate a whole month to each subject, obviously, but probably dedicating one post to each item will be just fine. The only condition would be is to draw from life as much as possible. In different techniques, even. So I guess it will be my own art flash mob.

Oh, and my sketchbook is full too.
It has only several pages left.

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