November 08, 2014

"Anyone can draw", a tryout + lesson 1 - a hand; a landscape, a tone scale.

So today I officially begin a new learn to draw online program - called Anyone can draw.
The first task is to draw a hand and a landscape.

These are my sketches.

They are quick and non-detailed - I wanted to catch a general look of both my hand and the view I chose. Also, it was really really hot outside so I couldn't draw for a long time.

I was surprised that drawing those buildings wasn't as confusing as I thought it would be. I recognized all the mane lines of these buildings, all the windows and shutters.

The goal of this lesson was to create a test sketch for comparing in the future. The author insisting on putting a date on it so the difference is visible and obvious when comparing. We'll see soon if there will be any difference in the future.