February 02, 2012

Drawing a Rose from real life flower

The month of the Rose is over and a month of a Tulip has began, but as I promised before, I continue to work on the Rose sketches.

I bought a bouquet of 5 small peach roses and started with a single one. The idea was to present the same rose form different angles as it blooms - they were completely closed when I bought them.

Very carefully I drew my way through the paper. While sketching these I tried to understand what method would work the best here, and I chose methods 2 and 4, where you are looking for the general shape of the flower and outlining the larger outside petals.

These are the two sketches of the same rose.

I really took my time with these sketches, trying to recreate almost every curve and direction.

While sketching I've realized how much this month worked helped me. Not only with learning how to sketch a rose itself but also - and his is way more significant - with learning to see the shape of the object I sketch. With planning and measuring the size and the shape of the flower. So I guess, for me at least, the series was very helpful.

Keep on sketching!!!