February 01, 2012

February: Month of the Tulip

It's February now and Tulip is the flower of this month.

So what can I say about a Tulip that hasn't been said before?

Only that this is my favorite flower of all.
For me it is the ultimate symbol of the Spring. Although its considered to be winter in our warm country and Tulips came early this year so for me it's already a Springtime.

I must admit, I'm not a fan of a special ones: I don't like those with Fringed or Parrot bi colored kind, I also don't really like those Liy flowered ones with pointed petals.

But I adore Triumph tulips, those huge, heavy cupped flowers of a single color. Preferably White or Yellow ones. And, of course, the so rare in our region Dark Purple tulips.
The bouquet doesnt have to be large, 5-7 flowers are enough. Because the glow these flower give, the way they brighten up the room is just amazing. They usually hold on up to two weeks before wilting, and in full opening they are absolutely huge!

These are the Tulipa agenensis, a mountain tulip and Tulipa systola, a desert tulip , both of them are native to Israel.

Well, enough said - let the journey begin!!!