February 28, 2012

Month of a Tulip: 5 tutorials in one month

Hi all!

It's the end of the month and it's time to conclude the Month of the tulip.

Out of many tutorials I've found online I've used only four, since many of them are pretty much alike. Also I've created one of my own - for myself and you guys.

Here they are:
1. Method 1 - taken from How to draw cartoons, a really great and simple one to start with.
2. Method 2 - a nice one take from the DragonArt.com
3. Method 3 - taken from Flower Painting Tutorials.
4. Method 4 - a beautiful taken from Easy drawings and sketches.
5. Method 5 - my own original tutorial.

While working with these I constantly reminded myself that there was no need to rush. That sometimes I need to take a second look at the object that is in front of me. To understand it's flow, the direction of its details. Otherwise all I'll be doing is creating and erasing unnecessary lines.

The second thing was to learn and separate longer lines from shorter strokes. Tulip is a very long flowing flower and requires long lines. I realized that in order to do so I must hold my pencil lighter and farther from its graphite. If I wanted to make shorter strokes - I should hold it a bit firmer and closer to the base. It's logical because lighter and farther grip allows me to see the path I'm creating. A closer one gives me a closeup on every single part of the previously created line (Philosophy degree, here I come!).

From time to time I found myself making the first line in the air, as if I wanted to make this first contact with the object in front of me.

Each session I tried to do at least 10 images, singles and bouquets together.
Most of the time I did an A4 scale sketches, some of them were single flowers and some were bouquets.
I also did some flowers placed in vases and bowls. Doing that I've realized that I need to work on some perspectives too. That means drawing objects, streets, buildings... And that means that I have loads and loads of sketching to do. Hm...

There are some additional links that I found but didn't use. You might find them useful.
1. How to draw cartoons online - simple, schematic, for beginners.
2. Drawing Now shows how to draw a tulip in a bowl - cartoon style.
3. Dragon Art - nice and simple, based on an oval.
4. From TLC family site - a really, really nice one, includes some shade work.

If you found other useful tutorials on How to draw a Tulip, I would love you to post a comment with a link so I could add it to my list

I hope you enjoyed sketching tulips with me.
Next month we'll be working on an Iris.

Have a great day,