February 16, 2012

How to draw any flower: Dividing to groups and understanding the structure

A while ago I shared another method on drawing a Tulip but there was something special about this specific tutorial that made me get back to it and write about for the second time.

The thing was that beside sharing another drawing method it's author, a British artist Theresa Evans shared some great ideas on drawing flowers in general. She basically divided all - or at least most - of the existing flowers into 5 groups basing on their structure.

Unfortunately since Ms. Evans didn't give any examples to these groups, I'll take the liberty to do so myself. 

1. There is the BELL group and I imagine that these would Beflowers, the Campanula family; the Paris Coral, the Cluster Bellfowers, the Creeping bellflower and others among them. 
2. The STAR group will probably include DaisiesFrangipani flower Anemones.  
3. The TRUMPET group - would be CallasBrugmansia - aka Angel's Trumpets.
4. In the TUBE group you might find a Siningia, maybe a closed Tulip.
5. The SAUCER group are definitely the Tulips, Garden Roses, Poppies and others.

I definitely will use this division in the future. It is so easy to relate to familiar structure while working on an unfamiliar one!
For me personally this division would be very useful in my future work.
So thanks Theresa for the insight! I am grateful.

I could be mistaken in sorting the flowers to their groups, so if you have any other suggestions - I would be more than happy to add and to fix. 

Hopefully this post and Teresa Evans' method were as useful for you as it was for me.

Have a great and productive day.