February 19, 2012

How to draw a Tulip: Method 4

This is Session 4 in the How to draw a Tulips series.

Among those online I found this  Easy Drawings and Sketches tutorial. It's really nice but it has a slight problem: its sketches are super bright. At times almost invisible. The only comfort is that the outcome is beautiful, so one can manage, if one really wants to.
I am not sure if you can call this one a new method. But lets just say that for the sake of the exerciser that will do.

These are the "by the book" sketches, two this time. 15 minutes each, since the are a bit more complicated than those before. The base is simple: you draw a steam, then the bulb, then the leaves.

These sketches based on online references.

While sketching I've decided to make the process a bit more interesting and chose images with some additional objects, like vases, cans, glasses.This is the result.

And the process was interesting. With so many huge leaves there I got lost several times. Does this mean that I should start using a larger scale paper? Maybe an A3 or even A2 size? Or that I just should practice more? Or maybe it's both?

Many conclusions have been made during this session, like what is the right way to hold a pencil, what to draw and where to head next. So I guess it was a very, very good one.

I hope you've concluded something for yourself.

Have a great and conclusive day.
Best regards,