February 26, 2012

How to draw Tulips: Method 5


It's been almost a week since my last post. I've started preparing one from an old art book I have but then I've lost interest. Why, you ask me? Because it taught me nothing new. It was just another "how to draw a closed tulip" tutorial. It took me several days to realize that all the methods I've found so far were almost the same. Draw a shape of an egg. Draw stem and a base for the cup. Draw something else. And all of them related to a closed bud!! Even the position of the flower was almost the same everywhere. None of them were dealing with a fully opened flower facing the viewer. So I got bored.
I started browsing the net and...... I found nothing new. Absolutely nothing (and I've searched using several languages).

So that's when I've decided to create a new, original tutorial of my own. I'm still using the online images I've found online to practice, it's makes it easier for some reason.
I used this Tulip I found online for the purpose of demonstration.

That's said, let us begin.

1. In most of the existing art books the first step is almost the same.  You look carefully at the object and draw very lightly its basic shape and a flow. This will be your starting point.

2. Now create another form in the upper part of the future bud - it will become the open center of the tulip. You don't need to be super accurate, just mark it's location for now; you will erase it anyway when creating the petals.

3. Recognize the placement of each petal and start building them inside and around the two circle shapes. When done, erase the unnecessary lines and leave the clean flower.

5. Draw the steam and a leaf.

That's it for the tutorial itself.

And now for the practice part. Even though I've created this tut it doesn't mean I shouldn't practice it myself. So here it is.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it helpful.

Have a great day,