January 17, 2013

Drawspace: Beginner level A01


Today I begin a new drawing project - taking online lessons with a Drawspace art program. 

The program is divided into 26 sections - A to Z. Each section deals with a different subject of drawing - shading, perspective, people; pencil, color, chalk etc. So the first one, naturally, is an introduction. 

When I first started learning from Drawspace last year, I skipped section A and went straight to section B, which involved some drawing (and after all, that's what I wanted to do, draw!). This time I decided to put my arrogance aside and start from the very basis. I'm so glad I did that!

So I began with Section A lesson 01. This means many reading little drawing. The lesson is basically an artist vocabulary - in alphabetical order - for novices. And I must tell you that it was pretty enlightening. There were some cool tips about drawing like sharpening your pencil tips with sanding paper instead of with a sharpener, which allows you a longer usage of your pencil. It has a great explanation of a human body parts like a nose and an eye. And many many more. 
It was really worth reading. 

It didn't involve any sketching at all, but I attached a sketch anyway. And who can claim it isn't one? 

So what about you? Did you find this first lesson useful?