January 07, 2013

Valentine season is near

Hi all,

It's an early January and it means it's time to get ready for the Valentine season.
My real intent is to create as many illustrations as possible for my ShutterStock gallery and my Zazzle Shop. But at this moment I concentrate on improving my tags in both of these stations. 

Most of these tags were created long before I started delving into the art of SEO, choosing tags absolutely randomly, without any prior investigation. 
Today, when I know a bit more on the subject, I do it a bit wiser. So now, when I go over my Zazzle products I really begin to understand how naive I was hoping that someone would be able to see the Be my Valentine pillow using the phrase "be my valentine" or "romantic illustration". I mean, come on!!!

So at this point I do the boring work of going over all of my Valentine products and illustrations changing tags. 
I hope it will make the difference I'm looking for. 

Wish me luck,