January 20, 2013

Drawspace: Beginner level A02 + A03

Hi all,

Drawspace Lesson A02 was a special one. It's a text written by Brenda Hoddinott, the artist and the creator of a Drawspace program. In this text she talks about her development as an artist and her view on what it takes to become one. So those of you - myself included - who have any doubt of becoming if not an artist per se but a skilled drawer, do yourself a favor and read this text. It's really encouraging.

Since reading the A02 article took me only several minutes, I moved on to Lesson A03. In this one the author explains about drawing tools, like pens and papers, and what combination works best; chalks, markers and graphite erasers, sharpers and etc. She gives tips for using these tools and suggests ways of preserving your art work.

Its really nice, since you are able to see, for example, the scale of the 6H and 8B pencils without having them all; you can see what can be done with an eraser before you even started the drawing.

It's nice.

Have you find these lessons interesting too?

Have a great day,