July 13, 2013

Drawspace: Lesson D06 - How to draw a Spruce tree


and welcome to Lesson D06 of a Drawspace art program.

Today we will be drawing trees.

I'm really looking forward to this lesson, since I love nature and I love drawing trees and flowers. I actually dedicated a whole year to flowers drawing. But trees - that's another story. One of the problems that I always had this difficulty of creating this 3D illusions of a tree (or, let's be honest, everything else) - not only the left and right branches but also the front and back ones. So this is a good one.

These are the trees I can draw.

This is the kind of a Spruce tree I can draw.

And this is the Spruce branch I draw. I must say that for a very long time it was the only thing that I could draw and I actually liked it, so my notebooks were filled with those.

This is my first sketch. How could I gently say it? Now the best of my sketches.

There is a section in the lesson where Brenda talks about "less is more" if the tree is too sparse. And this is exactly my first outcome - a sparse Christmas tree!!! I would never bring home anything like it.

So I decided to do another one and there it is.

I've decided to change a method a bit. As you can see from this sketch I first built the skeleton of the tree. It's a trunk, of course and branches made of one line. If you look closer you could see the dots and the arrows where one branch turns to another. I thought I'd try and make it this way.

Here is another stage but even here, if you compare this one and the very first Spruce, the second try already looks way better.

And this is the final one.

Obviously, it's not perfect and I can't say I really like it so I'll put it in the "Lessons to repeat" list (yes, I really have such a list!).

I loved this lesson! It combined a Sqwirkling method I still needed to practice and a tree drawing.
Did you also find this lesson useful?

Have a great day,