July 25, 2013

Drawspace lesson E03 - How to create an Atmospheric perspective

Hello all,

and welcome to Lesson E03 of a Drawspace art program. This lesson we deal with an Atmospheric perspective (originally suggested by Leonardo DaVinci, if I'm not mistaken).
This lesson is quite simple: we draw three plane mountains, some trees and sky, squirkling the shading and try to create some perspective on the drawing.

I made this sketch in two stages. The first one had very light Squirkles. As I said before, my squirkls are too huge and too light; they don't cover the area properly. But for some reason I forgot to scan the drawing and now I only have stage 2 to show you.

I like it that there was another chance to practice the Squirkling method once more; it seems I'll have many other chances for the practice.

I had a great session, hope you did too.

Have a great day,