July 29, 2013

Drawspace lesson E05 - How elipses work in perspective.

Hello all,

and welcome to a concluding, E05 lesson of Section E of the Drawspace art program.

This lesson is about drawing an Ellipse. Obviously, I am familiar with the concept of "2 ellipses + a rectangle = a cylinder", but the way the lessons author (mind, this is not Brenda H.) presented the subject made me read the article through. The lesson explains first and foremost how to draw a basic ellipse and afterwards it suggests two exercises for practice.

This is the first one - a sketch of a drinking cup. Simple enough and here it is. If you wonder why the hell my lines are not straight, that's because I usually don't use a ruler when I draw.

This is a second, and more complicated, exercise: a sketch of a cookie jar. More complicated than a simple cup, but still simple. Here it is. It's not as sharp as on the original drawing but, like I said, I don't use rulers.

As you can see I left all the guiding lines just outlining the sketch with a bolder pencil. Easier for me - more visible for you.

To conclude the section - it was the shortest and, for me, by far the easiest of all I did at this point. From what I understand, there's Perspective part 2, and probably part 3 as well. I keep on drawing.

Have a great day,

P.S. This link will lead you to a great example of how perspective work with ellipses. Do check it out.