July 21, 2013

Drawspace Lesson E01 - Basic perspective for beginners

Hello all!

Welcome to Lesson E01 of a Drawspace art program. Today I start working on a new subject (of a new section) and it's perspective. This first lesson gives a theoretical knowledge about the nature of the Perspective drawing. It separates Geometric perspective from Atmospheric. This is a great theoretical lesson but there is no actual exercise. So I've decided to do some sketches based on those presented in the lesson: the squares, the bubbles and the blobs.

This is a basic Single Point Perspective exercise that every art student does at some point. I intentionally left all the helping lines so you could see the process. Also, as you can see that the lines are not ruler-straight. That's, well, because I didn't use any ruler.

This is a very cute bubble exercise. I think it already appeared in one of the Drawspace lessons because it seems strangely familiar to me. Anyways, here it is. I didn't want to spread the drawing on a whole paper sheet so I defined some edges on its area to make it more comfortable to work with. This one deals with perspective from the point of Overlaping, Size and Arrangement.

And this is the Blob exercise and it deals with an Atmospheric Perspective. The smaller and the blurrier the object - the farther it is. Shading still sucks but I'll deal with it in another lesson.

It was a nice lesson. I hope you enjoyed it.

Have a great day,