July 19, 2013

Drawspace lesson D10 - ow to draw an Avocado skin

Hello all,

and welcome to Lesson D09 of a Drawspace art program. 

This is the last lesson of this section and obviously, most challenging. We draw an Avocado (and I love Avocado..). I've read the lesson prior to actual drawing and boy, it's gonna be difficult.

But let's begin.

First - we draw and overall shape. The definition of the shape is not by drawing a basic form as one usually does - an oval in this case - but squirkling your way around from the very beginning. Pencil 2H is in order.

This is the first step. I did the basic shape, making three layers of shading. At this point it's still easy.

Here I switched to pencil HB. The hardest part, as expected, was to create the illusion of bumps. These tiny crescents were tricky - I didn't really know how to place them and how much to press the pencil.
I finished with 4B pencil.

The sketch isn't perfect, but I like it.

After looking at my sketch I decided to make another one reffering to this image. It is obvious I could use a little more practice.

So this is the first step. I created a general shape trying to be as accurate as possible. First I will do the left - farther - avocado and then the right one.

This is the finished sketch. Again, not perfect, but it was a nice practice.

This is the last lesson of this section. After finishing it I've realised that the most difficult time for me was to create tiny squirkles. I tend to do them very big, even if I have to press hard on the pencil. I guess that that's another thing I have to work on. I guess I haven't yet realized how to properly build the bumpy texture itself.
I did like the idea of defining the form not by creating a basic contour, but by shading itself.

So yes, it was a really nice lesson.

I hope you liked it as much as I did.

Have a great day,