October 04, 2013

365 sketches: 1 sketch per day

Hi all!

On my way to become a skilled and creative illustrator I don't only draw a lot but also read a lot of illustration/art related blogs. The problem that there is not so many I can really learn from. Most of them usually present an artist's works, which is nice, but they don't provide with practical knowledge for newbies like me. But I recently found this amazing blog of Natalie Ratkovski, a Russian illustrator and designer based in Germany. Her blog is dedicated to different subjects related to illustration and, to tell you the truth, at this moment her blog is the first thing I read when I open my computer.

In one of her posts she introduces her readers to the 356 sketch, a group on Flickr that urges people to draw every single day and share these drawings with a group. And you can draw absolutely anything.

I decided to adopt the idea. It is very different from what I do with Drawspace at the moment. If I join this project not only will I be drawing something small every single day, but also it might become some kind of instant sketchbook that might generate some ideas in the future.

When I thought of it I realized that it's being quite some time that I wanted to explore a new medium. At the moment I work with pencils, doing exercises with a very neat finish. And I'd really like a change. I thought a lot about the proper medium and came to the conclusion that it could either be a graphite pencil or a soft pencil, like 4B or softer. Also I thought that I want these to be really quick sketches, done in 10-15 minutes, short rough strokes, basic shading if at all, A5 scale. No helping tools like eraser or a ruler. For that matter I'll be using pencil leftovers, those you can hardly fit in your palm and sharp, when needed. I will keep on using a plain white printing paper and if I see that I need to switch to something different - I will. I'll be dating and posting all my sketches in the last day of the month. All of them. Or maybe twice a month so you don't feel overloaded :).

These are the tools I'll be using:
- pencils leftovers
- a handmade A5 notebook
- a clippad

I invite you all to join this experiment.

Have a great day,

P.S. Funny thing happened. Previous Drawspace lesson talked just about that: quick sketches, short lines, no analyzing pure drawing.