October 30, 2013

FlashMob: Russian letter Б

Hi all!

Last week I started participating in another new project. These are flash-mobs ran by Natali Ratkovski, a Russian designer based in Germany (notice that the log is in Russian).

When the subject was announced last week - I loved it. My head immediately started working and I made a long list of objects starting with a letter "Б" (equivalent with B). I chose a Drum and a Tambourine.

When drawing a children drum I first observed the object trying to understand what colors I should use. Not an easy task, I must tell you.

I had a great time drawing these but here's the question: why are the images so bright? Is it because of the white paper? Or is it the quality of a paper that doesn't match the medium? Or is it because of the fact that these are really simple and cheap colored pencils? I don't know... I'll give it another go and then I will probably go and buy myself a proper set of colored pencils.

In the meanwhile I'll start exploring the subject and try to find tips for colored pencils drawing.

Have a great day,

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