October 24, 2013

Drawspace I03: how to draw a Dalmatian's eye.

Hi all!

Today we deal with an eye of a Dalmatian. Dalmatians are beautiful creatures, friendly and playful. Bearing this though in my mind I gladly began this task.

It was a long draw since this kind of drawing (just like hair) takes time but I finished it easily.
The thing is that after giving it a second look I've realized that my shading made the sketch too flat. So I've decided to give it another try. I still didn't want to smooth it, but decided to do the shading more circular.
Although not perfect, but better, don't you think?

I actually wanted to do some ore eyes for challenge but got stuck and didn't draw for almost two weeks. I then decided to move on to the next lesson.

See you soon,

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