October 06, 2013

Drawspace lesson H13: How to draw people with straight lines?

Hi all,

Today I will be drawing people with straight lines. Lesson H13 suggests just that. The exercise is to do quick sketches in just several minutes. Preferably - no eraser. And the subject is a boy.

I've read this lesson several times feeling more and more intimidated. I really wanted to delay the doing of this lesson for later. And after going over the list of the whole H section and seeing the "Figure drawing basics" in the end of the list I said: "How is that possible?" And then I thought that maybe the idea is to make a first attempt ourselves before the actual explanation. After all, no matter how bad the sketch is, it allows the new artist to practice and come to conclusions by himself. Like someone said: First try yourself and then do a tutorial.

The challenge is to draw 5 sketches of humans every day for a month (the creation of a new habit).

So I took my HB pencil and started working. No erasers.
Here they are.

In the end I did only 4 sketches and to me - they all look more like Pinocchios. But as I drew, I managed to convince myself that these sketches are not to be accurate at all. The idea is to practice short and quick lines and develop my eye - hand connection.

After finishing these 4 sketches I decided to take a break form this lesson and move one to the next one. I really planned to continue and do 2 or three more sketches of the Pinocchio but I just couldn't help myself. Shame.

I'll have to get back to it later. This is one of this lessons.

Have a great day,