October 20, 2013

Drawspace lesson I01: how to draw a fluffy puppy?

Hi all,

Today we start a new section of a Drawspace art program and will be working on Lessons of the Section I (I01).

The subject here is a cute and fluffy cartoon puppy with big nose and a round muzzle. The task here is to practice form, perspective and Squirkling as a form of shading.

This is the sketch.
It didn't take me too long to complete the sketch so I decided to draw some more of these cartoon cuties. I chose to draw head only since the lesson was about a dog's head.

Here it is.

And that's the other.

After finishing those two I decided to continue with the self-challenges and made a sketch of this puppy.

And then I did this one.

I didn't aim for a perfect resemblance; all I wanted was for my sketches to look like dogs, nothing more. And I think I achieved it here.

For me it was one of the cutest lessons to do. I love dogs and there were many times I tried to draw my late now dog, an Irish setter. I know can maybe say that soon I will be able to make a portrait of hers. Looking at these sketches now, while finishing this post, I must admit that this is the very first time that I love every single line of these sketches! It doesn't mean they are perfect, but for some reason they are very dear to me.

I hope you loved them too.

Have a great day,