October 18, 2013

Where to get from ideas for your blog?

Hi all,

Tell me, where do you get ideas for your blogs? This question gets asked a lot, I think, since the invention of writing: what the hell should I be writing now?
I've read countless numbers of these posts. Every single blogger wrote about it. Every single blogger made a list of ideas of how to get rid of a writer's block.

For me - it's simple. I get ideas as I write and create. I get ideas as I do stuff. I read and I ask questions. At this moment I have more than 70 posts in my draft list - and that's beside the countless Drawspace lessons I post every other day. And (thank god) ideas keep on coming. Yeah, I know, my main theme here is drawing and not posts writing, but still...

Since every blog has a specific theme, usually his writing evolves around it. When I write, I let my mind care for two things. The Drawspace art project and everything related to it. It's like free flow thinking. I also ask questions and I try to become more efficient at what I do.

I'll give you a simple example. I started drawing seriously quite recently. Obviously, at some point I decided to make a process more efficient since I'm on some kind time schedule. My problem at the time were my pencils and my pencil holder. All of my pencils were standing tips up so I wasted plenty of time looking for the pencil grade I needed. I started to think of a solution and then I got this idea. And I think this kind of post can be useful for people in the field. After all, who wants to spend time looking for a right pencil, especially when you know that it's somewhere inside the standing-infront-of-you box.

So write.
Ask questions. The "Why and How" are important and helpful.
Flow with the process and it will come.

Have a great day,

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