January 29, 2014

Drawspace lesson M05: How to draw a Black Widow.

So... why would one want to draw a spider? No Idea. I did a Spider illustration once and I still love that one. So I'd love to say that it is to be a piece of cake for me, but I can't. Because with pencil drawing things can become a bit complicated. Because of all the details, of course. :)

What I loved about this lesson is that it's full of interesting information about these spiders. I mean, spiders are not my top interest, so I guess I would never sit and read about them. But here, as you go through the lesson, the given info seems very nice. 
Because of the detailed shading required I used an Acid free 180gr A5 paper. Since I am not really familiar with spiders' body structure and with having a smaller sheet of paper I had to open the lesson's file twice. One for the finished drawing and the correct proportion and the other for the stages of shading.

To keep the correct proportion I first created a square and placed the upper part of its body in the squares center 8.

The paper was very absorbing and I made it smudgy with my hand.

I decided to do another Black widow sketch on a 125 gr paper (ref image here).

And another (see ref image here)

The last one was the easiest to do since I was familiar a bit with the form. And I'm also pretty ok with how it looks like.