January 28, 2012

How to draw a rose: Additional links

Hi all!!!

Although the Rose month is coming to its end I wanted to share some more useful links I found and used during this month. The sketches above are mine using these tuts.

1. How to draw a Rose in five steps - I wouldn't say that it's a method per se but it suggests a way of sketching two full roses with leaves and steams.

2. This How to draw a rose with RMD tutorial was created by Jake Cloud for RMD drawing tool. In this tutorial he uses geometrical figures to structure a flower. It is really nice and simple if you want to create a fully open rose.

3. There is an all known Draw 50 Flowers, trees and other plants by Lee J. Ames and P. Lee Ames, but to tell you the truth - I looked at the method they're suggesting and ran away from it. It looked too complicated for me at this point. But that is regarding to their Rose sketch method only. I know I will use this book when working on other flowers.

I believe that as I find more methods I'll be updating this post, but for now - enjoy these additions.
If you there are more methods that you found elsewhere - feel free to post them and I will gladly publish them :)

Have a great day,