January 31, 2012

How to draw a Rose: 6 methods in one month.

Well, this is it.
A month of a Rose is officially over.

It began with a simple will to learn and to develop as an artist and use the new knowledge to work on some new Rose illustrations.

To do this I've searched for methods on and off line and this is a list of my favorite tut:
  1. Method 1: taken form DrawingNow site which has a wide variety of drawing How-to's; the method shows how to draw from it's to when it's fully open  
  2. Method 2: Based on a graphic tut for Illustrator created by Thereisa K. Also sketch/view from a top.
  3. Method 3: Drawing of a Rosebud form How To Draw site. The site presents many cartoon drawing tutorials
  4. Method 4: Drawing step shows how to draw a blooming rose - from general shape to a bud. The second part of the tutorial shows how to shade the sketch.
  5. Metgod 5: How to draw stuff explains hot to draw a Rose using a shape of a heart.
  6. Method 6: The method is taken from an old art book - references attached
Also there are some additional links I found and shared some time ago. 

There were several goals in this project:
  1. I wanted to learn - finally - how to draw a flower that is considered to be one of the most difficult to draw. 
  2. I wanted to find as many possible methods available on web for that matter. 
  3. I wanted to get ready for st. Valentines day which is coming really really soon.

Obviously this is not the end of it and there are tasks for the near future:

  1. Make at least 10 full A4 size sketches of a real life roses - 1, 3 and a bouquet. 
  2. Use other medium beside pen and paper - maybe colored pencils, pastels, water colors - which I love so much - and oils maybe.

There's also some conclusions to the experience:

  1. When choosing a method for drawing one should first look at the flower and then decide what method fits the given flower. The method depends on the flower's size, it's blooming phase, it's position on a bush, in a vase or a bouquet. Each flower requires it's own method. And sometimes it's even better to combine 2 methods in 1.
  2. Work big, not small only. I made 3-4 sketches on the same sheet. Now I need to enlarge the scale a bit. 
Let the rose journey continue!!!

Have a great month,