January 13, 2012

Valentines day: Starting with a frame finishing with an image.

In my 2012 Year's plan I promised myself that I will get ahead of myself for any upcoming holiday (see paragraph 7).
So now, when New year's celebrations are over, it's time to get ready for one of the most romantic holidays ever - The St. Valentine's day. It's all about hearts, chocolates and cupids shooting arrows.
The thing is that........ I myself am not a romantic person. I mean, I love flowers, and chocolates, but when it comes to illustration - I have a HUGE blackout!!! I have NOTHING!!! And for several years in a row I made nothing for Valentines, absolutely nothing!!!! And obviously, it drove me crazy!!! Because, you see, it is so sad to get zero inspiration from such a romantic period of the year.

For the last week I've been struggling again with myself and my pencils, I think I even made a few holes in my drawing paper while erasing so called sketches!!!! (naaah, I'm kidding :) ) But it was a frustrating week from that point. Even a Keyword system didn't help here, I had nothing!!!
A few days ago I had this idea of switching my thought form Valentine as it is to frames. Just frames. Somehow I've managed to disconnect and reconnect and then I just sketched several frames.
And then it just started to flow!!!

These are the sketches,

and these are some ready images.

So I guess, frames can be some kind of gateway for me, a starting point of some kind,

I just hope that until the end of this month I will have at least 20 (and hopefully more) Valentine images.

Right now these and other images are available in my ShutterStock gallery and in my Graphiking Giftshop.  

I wish you a great and productive day,