January 22, 2012

How to draw a Rose: Method 5

Hi all,

This is a Fifth part of the How to draw a rose series. This method actually presents a different look on how to draw a rose. It's really cute because it uses a heart as a basic shape for what many claim to be of the most romantic flowers in the world. So basically you draw a shape of heart and then you sketch your way around.

This is the very first attempt and I really got lost in there.
Although it was interesting.

And these are the implementations of the method.

It was an interesting method, I must say. I guess with some experience one can sketch one's way around the hearts shape, especially if there's no need to create a realistic rose, but something more abstract.
Anyway, it's another way to draw a rose, something that is worth to be considered. I'll remember it for the future.

I hope you found this method useful.

Have a great day,

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