January 19, 2012

How to draw a Rose: Method 4

This is the Forth rose drawing session and I begin to realize why is a Rose considered to be one of the most difficult flowers to draw. It is so easy to get lost in all these petals!!!! I have no idea just how artist of the past managed not to get lost in this flower!!! I mean, today it is so easy to take a photo of it without fearing it to wilt or just print the image out, number the petals and then just follow these numbers!!!

Anyway, the method for this session was found on Drawingstep website and it’s also step by step method, slightly different from others.
In the beginning you mark a general shape, then – the bud and then you work your way around it.

That is the first result using the site reference.
Looks ok, I'd say.

And these are the attempts to apply the same method to images found online.
I did more sketches then I show here, but obviously I won’t flud the blog with them. 

I hope you enjoyed this method and found it useful. There's another link that uses the same method - you might find it more useful. Or maybe not :) 

Have a great day,