December 28, 2013

A Drawspace art program overview

It's been a year since I began my Drawspace lessons, all shared the results on this  blog. And since I'm done with another section of it (Section K) I believe its time to take a look back and reflect on it.

It's been a year on intensive drawing and many things had changed since I first started it. This is the very first sketch done for lesson A01.
It's the first time in years since I tried working with different graded pencils. Using a tissue paper while shading become a second nature of mine.

But the most important thing is that program made me want to draw every single day. Well, no, I don't really draw every single day, right? But I draw all the time. This year I made more drawing than I ever did before in my entire life! Including my 4 years in Art College! I believe this is the very first time in years that I got hooked on something that hard. Half year through I've noticed that all I want to do is do these lessons. I insisted on doing all the challenges and when there was no challenge in the lesson I just drawn a related subject. Completing this program became important.

At times I felt like Julie Powel from Julie @ Julia. Julie set her goal and she made it. I think I've reached part of my goal at this moment.

So this is a chance to thank Brenda Hoddinott, the creator of the Drawspace art program: Thank you! You are an inspiring teacher that keeps me going no matter what.

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