December 02, 2013

Drawing with pencils of a different grade

Hi all!

Do you remember that very first time when you took a non 2HB pencil in your hand? I remember it quite well. It happened in the end of 2012 when I decided to take my drawing really seriously. Last year, when I began drawing, my main subject was Flowers and I used only a 2HB pencil. At that point I didn't have a good enough reason for using anything else. But here's the thing: all my sketches came out pretty dirty. I had a hard time making a light thin line with a 2HB and the erasing itself was not really clean. I had a feeling that the solution was to use different pencils but was not sure about making this change just yet.

This year the situation changed. I joined the Drawspace art program and I had no choice but to start using different pencils. This is the very first sketch done with different graded pencils.

I can tell you now that that was a life changing experience. As of now, my sketches look way neater than before, my erasers hardly work and my hands (yes, yes) stay way cleaner. My favorite pencils to use are 2H, HB, 2B and 8B. These are the once I use more often and at this point I never start a sketch with anything but a light line of a 2H pencil. I keep using 2HB pencils but only for a brainstorming. It's always something really quick and non-detailed.

And what about you? What pencil do you mostly like to use? Or is it a different medium at all? Do share here.

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