December 14, 2013

Drawspace lesson K02: How to draw an ellipse.

How, really? Because ellipses always felt a bit enigmatic to me. I mean, how can you really know what the upper ellipse of the tee cup should look like regarding to where it stands? I know, I know, you have just to look at it to know what and how to draw.

After reading lesson K02 I realized that as much as the task might look simple, it's not simple at all. Rulers and measures and angles are involved, and as much as I love geometry (I do, I really do!!!), I'll skip the exact part and will just get to know the method. 

So first - a basic ellipse. Some helping lines, some more helping lines and then the ellipse itself.

 This is the precise ellipse. More helping lines than in a previous one.
You can see that the ellipse is not so precise. But you know what? Just out of curiosity I'm going to do the very same exercise on a checkered notebook with a ruler.

OMG, I can't believe I'm actually doing this....

But you know what? it was fun :) I loved working with a ruler, it was a nice feeling. Although I'm not sure it made my ellipsis look better...

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