December 04, 2013

Drawspace lesson J05: How to create a focal point of your drawing.

Spoiler:  Lesson J05 is a theoretical lesson. No drawing required to be done. Text and examples, that's all there is.

But, if I may say, a very important text. This lesson gives a beginner artist some points on how to choose and create a focal point(s) of the drawing. In this post I will summarize the suggested methods but I strongly recommend reading the original lesson through.
So what will make an object focal in the composition? What would help it stand out everything else on the drawing?

  1. The position of the object in a composition. 
  2. It's size.
  3. The colors/shading volume. 
  4. Treated with details
  5. Primary and secondary focal points positioned one close to another.

I'm sure there's more to it, but that's what the lessons suggests.

Tip of the post: Along with the practical side - theoretical knowledge as well as different tips and tricks are essential to your success and efficiency. So do look for such articles and for way to make your work easier and enjoyable.

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