December 12, 2013

Drawspace K01: How to draw boxes in perspective

Soooooo..... perspective. The subject was touched lightly in section D and here's a little extension of it. Linear perspective, box' drawing, lesson K01. Yes!!! It's a new section!!!

Last time we did boxes - lesson E04 - I didn't even publish, or to be even more honest, did any drawing. 
This time the task is more interesting and the challenge is really cute, so I just can't skip it.

So let's begin. On of the most dominant tools here is a ruler, but I won't use it; first - I don't like using it and second - I don't really mind if the drawing will be a bit crooked. I won't also look for an exact similarity if the boxes - neither in size nor in positioning. 

So there is a Horizontal line and three levels on objects: above, below and leveled to the horizontal line. 
9 boxes, which lines all connect to the same dot on the horizon. 

Step 2 - making the squares three dimension.

Step 3 - erasing the helping lines.

And this is the challenge. Boxes with faces.

I took a note to myself for the future to do some more drawings using basic forms. 

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