January 15, 2014

2014: The new Year's Resolution

Hi all!!!

It's a middle of January and it's time to make a new resolution list. 
So what are my plans? This and many more and I love it!!!

I started creating sometimes in summer adding to it items from my last year's resolution.
It grew over the months and became this.

  1. Learn to Airbrush.
  2. Learn blind typing.
  3. Learn to draw Dinosaurs.
  4. Learn to draw animals - http://www.howtodrawanimals.net/
  5. Illustrate children's book.
  6. Learn about Mesh tool in illustrator.
  7. Learn to draw with a ball pen or any other media which is not a pencil.
  8. Illustrate favorite recipes.
  9. Sketch, sketch, sketch! As much as possible.
  10. Learn to draw Chinese calendar characters.
  11. Finish the flower project this year.
  12. Work on portraits and human figure sketches.
  13. Be ready with holiday illustration at least 1 month in advance. 
  14. Complete Drawspace program and find another one.
  15. Become a regular on Illustration Friday.
  16. Learn to shade properly.
  17. Learn to draw water properly.
  18. Do Animal drawings.
  19. Follow a Shoo Ryner tuts on Youtube.
  20. Learn more about graphic design.
  21. Focus on creativity development.
  22. Learn to swim.
  23. Make a 30 circles in 1 minute a monthly exercise.
  24. Participate in drawing flashmobs.
  25. Get better in photography.
  26. Take animal photo shoot session in a local zoo.
  27. Keep developing my Graphiking gift shop.
  28. Keep blogging.
  29. Develop readership for this blog.
  30. Do more SEO for this blog.
  31. Get an MA for kindergarten teacher and open one. 
  32. Get an MA in business management.
  33. Learn to play a Darbuka drum.
  34. Learn to juggle.
  35. Learn to do balloon animals.
  36. Learn to work with a graphic tablet.
  37. Create an Artist's Birthday calendar.
  38. Draw dogs and puppies.
  39. Draw many goats for next year. (added 23.01.14)
  40. Learn about and illustrate facial mimics (aka emotions). (added 08.02.14)
  41. Draw as many sheep as possible for 2015,the year of a Green Wood Sheep. (added 12.02.14)
  42. Learn to draw/work with my left hand. (added 13.02.14)
  43. Learn to draw hair and hairdo's. (added 16.02.14)
  44. Get back to Stock Illustration. (added 25.02.14)
  45. Draw various fruits with a lightened with a lamp. (09.03.14)
  46. Draw from live flowers. (added 20.03.14)
  47. Learn to draw with colored pencils. (added 25.03.14)
  48. Learn to draw with Pastel chalks. (added 25.03.14)
  49. Learn to draw with water color. (added 25.03.14)
  50. Draw musical instruments. (added 17.04.14)
  51. Learn to use as less eraser as possible. (added 24.04.14)
Most of the list was created before the end of 2013. Those added later are dated, as you can see.

I printed this post out and put it on my wall so I could see it every day. I really plan to bring some of these to live.

And what about you? Is your plan for this year ready? 

Have a great year and may your plans and dreams become reality.