January 19, 2014

Drawspace lesson M02: How to draw a wing.

Wow! I got cold feet only from looking at this lesson's sketch! But apparently, it's all pretty easy. All you have to remember is the structure of the wing itself. It has four parts and four kinds of different feathers (according to this lesson). Each part has different kind of feathers and they are responsible for different aspects in the bird's ability to fly. Also, one should remember that wings of those birds that fly high is different from wings of those who fly low etc.

I started checking for more wing photos for my challenge and found many drawings and schemes with very detailed explanation about the wing structure. Here's one of them. And another.

I did another sketch based on a wing painting by A. Durer. As for me - it's as good as drawing from a photograph. Durer, you know...).

I first made this "feather map" to make it easier as there are so many feathers to draw.

And this is the wing with feathers. At some point I even found myself counting feathers :)

The sketch is not final, it's 1/10 (or even less) way through, but I did want to try and sketch another wing. It doesn't look ok to me but it does look like a birds' wing. Which is cool at this point.

While making this little research I've learned some new stuff, besides trying to draw something new. It's nice to learn; I guess that if I wouldn't be doing these lessons I would never even think in checking on this stuff. So I'm thankful.

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