January 21, 2014

How to develop your creative thinking? Develipong creativity - new project for 2014.

In one of my previous posts I told you about a teenager girl I met once. She was 14 at a time, very active, very funny and very wise for her age. She told me that she has this habit of dedicating a year to study one subject. It could be anything from Geography to Medicine. I decided to adopt this idea and do the same.

Creativity and its development is one of the subjects I want to concentrate on this year. I will be collecting articles and exercises that could help me and you to become a more creative person. Also, of course, the idea is to read some books on the subject.

I will try to publish at least one exercise a month on the subject so in the end of the year we'll have a collection of useful exercises that will help us in different aspects of life. 

The first one was already published last year so go ahead and read it. I myself intend to use it at least once a month. That's the one for January.

The upper lines; that's all I could do in 1 minute. I actually felt quite bad because I couldn't fill more (and believe me, I didn't stop to think or erase stuff), so I decided to do another one, and keep filling the circles until I'm out of ideas.
So I set my timer to 5 minutes and the outcome is the rest of the circles.

I got a bit stuck on the fourth minute but then I thought, why thing inside the circle? I should draw outside it of it!! And this is when the Fish, the Bycicle and the Ice cream where done.

After that came the coffee cup and a doughnut.

So I guess it was pretty successful and I'm pretty pleased with myself.

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