January 23, 2014

Drawspace lesson M03: How to draw the eye of a dog - 2

This is the second lesson dedicated to a dog's eyes. (see first lesson here and my sketch here). M03 suggests drawing a Dalmatian's dog eye with some fur around it. The author explains about the anatomy of the eye and about its perspective.

So let's begin.
There are 3 sketches I'm about to do for this one.

First - some eyeballs in perspective.

After that came the eyeball itself. The example presented in the lesson is a full sketch by itself, so why not? I should be practicing as much as I can, shouldn't I?

And only after that came the core sketch of the lesson: the eye and the fur. It was an amazing chance to practice circular hand movement.

This is my mid step sketch. As required, I did a light blend with a tissue paper.

This is the second part.

I am not sure about the quality. I notice now that the eyelid is too dark compared to the eye itself. It almost seems as if the fur grows out of the eye and not covering it partly. I guess that I should have done the dark part not as crisp and sharp as I did but try to reverse the effect. That was the basic idea.

I might want to start using another, thicker paper and live the printing paper to simple sketches. I don't know, it might help. Or maybe it's just an excuse for a bad sketch? What do you think?

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