August 10, 2013

DIY project: How to utilize the usage of your pencil box

Hi all.

As you probably already know, this blog is about drawing but not only. It's also about anything related to drawing, illustration and blogging. This is post gets in the DIY/Utilization category and I hope you'll find it interesting.

Ever since I started the Drawspace program I use pencils of different grade - from 6H to 8B. Which is nice. What's not so nice is that the way pencils are placed in their box makes it difficult for me to find the right pencil. What usually happens is that I take all my graded pencils out and look for the one I need. What a frustrating time waste!! So I've decided to do something about it.

It was obvious that I can't just put the pencils upside down with a sharpened part on a hard wooden surface. I had to find a solution to soften that surface.

After some thinking I've decided to use a piece of an old bathroom towel (note that any other soft and thick cloth will do the same great job).

At first I naturally thought about using some cotton wool but then I remembered all the pieces it tends to leave on the surface. So it was a no. Also the idea of some kind of sponge was not good either since you had to cut out an exact piece to make it fit the box bottom. Not worth the time waste as well.

So that's the way my box looks like now, and I love it!!! Not only I can see all the pencil grades but also I can see and reach all the tiny pencils that are usually hiding on the box's bottom. And it makes me love my DIY even more!

Conclusion: Utilization rules!!!

I hope you found this DIY useful.

Have a great day,