August 22, 2013

Drawing habits and workflow: paper sheet with a ready made frame.

Hi all!

Today I officially open a new section of this blog: Drawing habits and workflow.
This will be the prime title of every post that has to do with, well, drawing habits and workflow. No, it's not a Tips and Tricks post that will actually be published in the end of the year, but rather a section when I will be suggesting utilization methods, DIY's and such to make the drawing workflow easier. Actually, the first post on the subject was published some time ago, where I showed how I utilized a simple Pencil box.

This one is about the paper one draws on. Usually we take a blank sheet of paper and just draw. Simple. But what happens if you need your sketch put in a frame? Not an actual wooden one but the one on the paper? Like when you do a landscape but don't want to use the whole page? Or when you need your work to be perfectly symmetrical? Obviously, you could use a ruler, but, come on, there are simpler ways....

So what do you do? You create a frame on your paper, using any software you have, be it graphic (Illustrator, Photoshop) or text processor (Word, PowerPoint) or any else you have. You place a square/rectangle on your work space. It doesn't have to be in the center of the page but it should be proportional to it.

This is mine.

I didn't place the rectangle in the center since I work with a clip board, so it would be pretty uncomfortable. Also I made the frame itself light gray and not black. That way it is visible to me and doesn't really effect the drawing itself.

And then I made 10 copies of them and put them in a see through folder. Now it's ready to be used.

I don't know yet how useful will it be, I guess, time will show.

How about you? Do you have any tip for making your workflow easier? And did you find this tip useful? Do share your experience here.

Have a great day,