August 18, 2013

Drawspace Lesson F08: Circular hatching


and welcome to Lesson F08 of a Drawspace art program.

This lesson is about circular hatching. I don't really remember what lesson was it but in one of them we were asked to create and hatch a circle. It was interesting and difficult since, I guess, a natural hand movement creates an almost straight lines. Therefore, circular lines should be practiced. So, automatically, this lesson goes to my future "Drawspace lessons to repeat" list.

The first exercise was to create some curved lines to find a natural hand movement.

After finishing reading and knowing what I'll be hatching (I always read the whole lesson before I do its tasks) I thought that maybe these lines are curved but not circle enough. So I did a second set.

In both sets I checked (V) the direction that felt more natural to me.

And this is the actual exercise. It's a potato-like shape that needs to be shaded.

The first step was to draw a shape and create some curved helping lines for the future shading. It is actually a great tip, since usually a curved shading looses its correct path at some point. And since you do long lines anyway, these helping lines won't be visible. Unless, of course, you press hard on your pencil.

This is the shaded form. The pencils used are HB and 2B.

I was really tempted to rotate my paper sheet so that the shading would be more comfortable but then I thought, why not? Just for this one. On the other hand I do realise that there will be moments that I I'll have to deal with larger scale drawings so I better get used to work without rotating anything but my hand/wrist.

I also made some mistake in shading here so the outcome is not as smooth as it's supposed to be. That's why I decided to do another sketch.

As you can see, visually the first sketch is smoother and nicer looking than the second. The big difference is that in first one I allowed myself to rotate my paper and in the other - I didn't.

Tip of the post: When shading a circular shape always use helping lines to keep the right shading direction.
Another Tip of the Post: When circle hatching, keep our hand movement back and forth, without raising your pencil. It will make the hatching more fluent and create a soother surface.

Have a great day,