August 04, 2013

Drawspace lesson F02 - How to shade mountains using hatching techniques.

Hi all,

and welcome to Lesson F02 of a Drawspace art program. We're going back to draw the mountains we did in Lesson E03. In that lesson we were squirkling and this time well be hatching.

The sketch itself was a piece of cake to do, but the hatching was tricky. I might have drawn on a bigger scale than required but I had a real problem with keeping my hatching straight and long. How the hell do they do that?

After finishing and giving this sketch a second look, I've decided to do another one. The reason is that I didn't really like the way the grades turned out, so here it is.

It's not the best, but better than the previous. Still the making of long and straight hatches are a mystery to me.

If you guys have any idea/answer on the subject, do share here, I am intrigued :)

Have a great day,