August 26, 2013

Drawspace lesson F11: How to draw a Tulip

Hi all,

Today we'll be taking Lesson F11 of a Drawspace art program. We will learn how to draw a Tulip, which happened to be one of my favorite flowers. As far as I remember, this is the first Drawspace lesson dedicated to a flower drawing. Most of it, at least up till now, dealt with cartoon images, basic exercises and outdoor scenes. The nice thing is that I have some experience in flower drawing. The blogging year 2012 was fully dedicated to this subject. I was learning how to draw flowers, one flower per month. Tulip was the flower of February and I collected 5 tutorials that showed how to draw a Tulip. For some reason this lesson is not on my list, but I got to it now. 

This is the first sketch. It was done with an HB pencil, nothing out of ordinary. Based on triangles, which were later turned into smooth lines of Tulips petals. 

This is another step. I erased all the helping lines to make the sketch ready for shading. 

This is the final phase. The tulip is ready.

Obviously, I could make the shading a bit smoother and a bit darker than it appears here, but I didn't.

As for the drawing challenge - this time there's actually a challenge in the lesson and it's simple and obvious. One should draw another tulip from another angle. So I chose this photo I found online

This is the first step - rough 2H lines without any erasing.

This is the final, shaded result.

It's nice to know that this time it was way easier than last year.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson and found it useful.

Have a great day,