August 30, 2013

Drawspace Lesson F13: How to properly draw and shade a mug.

Hi all,

Today, with the help of Lesson F13 of the Drawspace art program we'll learn how to properly draw a simple mug. As simple object as it seems - it has its catches. I was never able to properly draw a mug. My difficulty was always with its handle as I couldn't do it proportionally as it should be. The inside and the outside curve frustrated me.

In the beginning if the lesson it is suggested to use the mug one has in the kitchen. But I'll allow myself to be a chicken and copy first. As a "punishment" I'll do not one but two differently shaped mugs from my kitchen.

This is the sketch. As you can see there's no "first step" sketch, because I simply got deep into the process.

And these are the "challenges".

I hate the shading, as always, but I'm ok with the form, so I guess, it's not that bad.

I hope you found this post useful.

Have a great day,