August 28, 2013

Drawspace lesson F12: how to draw a Seahorse.

Hi all,

It's time for Lesson F12 of a Drawspace art program. This time we'll learn how to draw a Seahorse. Seahorses are those tiny creatures living deep into the ocean and looking like little dragons. The first time I worked on drawing a seahorse was when designing a Diving theme wedding invitation.

This lesson is a bit different. Very little text, lots of images. There's not that much to read but just sit and copy from the given. Which I happily did.

This is the first 2H sketch, plane light lines, no details.

I actually erased is several time, since it took me some time to get the proportions right.

This is the more detailed sketch. Since, as noted in the lesson, this is not a specific species of a seahorse I allowed myself not to follow every single line, but only the main features.

This is the final version of the seahorse. Before hatching I cleaned the sketch, erased all the unnecessary lines, outlined it with a 4B pencil and hatched a bit.

As for the challenge we are requested to do a Sea-Unicorn. I asked myself what the hell is it? I mean, obviously I know what a unicorn is, but a Sea-Unicorn? After a short search I found an image of a Seahorse with a horn and I loved this idea.

So here's mine :) I based it on this photograph I found online.

After a while I looked at the outcome, and it seemed too hunchbacked. So started over.

This is the new version.

I know that the shading is poorly done, but like I said many times before - shading is not my strongest side.

Interesting fact - most of the Seahorse photos are taken from the side, there's no front image of it...

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this lesson and my sketches.

Have a great day,