August 20, 2013

Drawspace lesson F09: graduate hatching

Hi all.

Today we'll be taking Lesson F09 of the Drawspace art program. We continue with the Shading techniques section and this time we'll be shading a hair-like figure. Light highlights are involved and loads and loads of hand movements.

The process is quite simple: you draw a light circle using a 2H pencil and then add three curved lines to it. After that you gradually beginning the shading itself: from light to dark.

This is my first sketch. The transition looks nice but you can still see the places where I switched the pencils.

I decided then to give it another try and did a second one.
After giving it a second look I smoothed it a bit with freshly sharpened pencil as suggested in the lesson and I think it really helped.

Tip of the lesson: Always smooth your shading with freshly sharpened pencil creating a short and light lines. Thanks, Brenda!

I hoped you enjoyed this post.

Have a great day,