August 24, 2013

Drawspace lesson F10: How to draw and hatch a landscape scene - 2.

Hi all,

Today we'll be taking Lesson F10 of a Drawspace art program. In this lesson the subject is a landscape hatching. Back view, mid view and front view are in order, as well as different pencils and light sources.

As usual, I first read the lesson through to understand what is expected of me and only then I start working.

The process was pretty simple.
I created the scene, using helping dots and lines, as usual.

I did some hatching and after giving it a second look I've realized that the scene is too bright. I sharpened my pencils and added some more values.

This is the final result.

Here I must say that this sketch is a personal success; I'm not sure I could do it last year.

Since there was no challenge I decided to do another sketch using a photograph I took a while ago.

I started with a 3H pencil just to map the main objects.

And then I started to shade it. It didn't take me long time to finish the sketch, it felt pretty easy. After finishing, I went to sleep.

When I looked at my drawing the next day I discovered this.

And I hated it.

After trying to fix it I decided to redraw the whole thing.

I made the sketch again with a 2H pencil. The first and the second hatching layer of the skies were done with 2H too.

Using HB pencil I did the thorn bush.

With 2B pencil I started to map lightly all the dark patches of these rocks.

The rocks were the scariest part to do - I was wondering if Squirkling would work here.
I added some hatches, but I'm not sure it helped. It is obvious I haven't decided where is the light coming from, and how does it effects the scene.

Although it's not perfect - I'm happy with it.

Tip of the post: Have at least two pencils of each type and have them half and fully sharpened. This will add some variety to your shading.

Another Tip of the post: Never draw when sleepy. Better leave it for the next session or you'll have to redo your entire work.

Btw, this post has the biggest number of images I ever put in one post.

Have a great day,

P.S. After finishing I had to sharpen my pencils all over again :)