August 14, 2013

Drawspace lesson F06: Making your first outdoor sketch


And welcome to Lesson F06 of a Drawspace art program. In this lesson we'll be drawing an outdoor scene. Obviously, as a challenge I intend to go outside and to draw an actual outdoor scene. And, by the way, half way through reading I added this lesson to my future "Drawspace lessons to repeat" list.

But first - let's exercise.
The process is simple enough - first you map some main objectson your paper, then you add details. Front view, center view, back view. Same with shading.

That's the sketch - it took me about 15 minutes to complete it.

It wasn't difficult. As always, I used helping dots and lines to map every object properly.

For the challenge I planned to go outside and draw but I didn't. I did take a picture. This is an alley in my neighborhood. I looked for a simple frame and that's what I found.

It might be a bit more complicated than the one in the lesson but, after all, it is a challenge!

So first - I mark my guiding dots and lines for basic items (3H pencil).
I actually erased a lot since it had plenty to do with perspective and I'm still not great at it. My challenge was not to be too detailed.

Obviously, a real learning is in these challenges. It took me way longer than 10 minutes to complete. I had to see. I had to think. I had to plan the sketch all by myself.

Here I added some details - made some actual lines, did some foliage and benches.

I didn't go too much into making it look realistic. What was important for me is too roughly show what there is. Although I am pleased with how the small palm trees came out.

The challenge sketch doesn't look good to me at all, but it's a challenge and it's supposed to be difficult.

It was the first time in years that I did an outdoor drawing. It was interesting and nice. I can't wait for more chances to draw outdoors.

I wish you a great day,