August 16, 2013

Drawspace lesson F07: Pencil shading using different methods.

Hi all,

and welcome to Lesson F07 of a Drawspace art program. This is a seventh lesson dealing with pencil shading techniques. In this one we'll be working with a Cone and a Circle and using not one but several methods to shade our objects.

The task is to draw a cone, a pompon on its peak and give it a face/character. And to shade it, obviously.

This is the outcome. I must say, I really liked this task. It didn't require any realistic drawing, but a character development using some basic geometrical figures. That's why I did two more sketches just for the fun of it.

Basically I just twisted the shape a bit and changed the expression. I guess if I added several more lines in the cheek area I would get a grim fat lady.

After examining the drawing I decided to go a little bit wilder and made this one.

A bit snobbish, a bit all over itself, but I love it. The twist is bigger, the pompon is different the eyelashes are larger.
I get wild!!!

I really enjoyed this lesson and I hope you did too.

Have a great day,